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An innovative twist to the ball head finesse jig, our flattened wedge allows the jig to maintain the positive attributes of a ball head without falling on its side.  Provides anglers with a better presentation, better hook up ratio, allowing the jig to stay vertical while navigating cover greatly reducing hang ups. Truly something special.


Great option for skipping docks with the oversized cobra shaped head. Navigates through cover with ease with a broad base that will not tip over.

The first technique specific swim jig. Designed for the top of the water column with acoustic and eye catching rattle to entice big bass from vegetation for an explosive bite.


a new take on an old classic, the Buckshot Football Jig provides a strike inducing presentation with a 90 degree hook which delivers a rocking action. 

Easy to fish, just thread on your favorite trailer, make a long cast, and slowly drag back along the bottom.  A technique that consistently catches bass coast to coast.

buckshot fb.jpg
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