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Cumberland Pro Lures

Mag Shakey

Mag Shakey

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A magnum-sized offering designed to lure in scale-busting bass, the Cumberland Pro Lures Mag Shakey Head allows anglers to upsize their plastics in search of trophy fish. Featuring a super stout 7/0 hook, it helps anglers slam the jig home with confidence and smooth setting performance even when utilizing braided or heavier fluorocarbon lines.

From the hook, the Cumberland Pro Lures Mag Shakey Head transitions into a durable powder coated lead head with a flat bottom to keep your favorite worm or creature bait in the upright foraging position bass simply can’t ignore. In addition to a flat bottom, the head also boasts a free-swinging wire screw-lock trailer keeper to make the most of your baits and cut down on re-rigging time. Finished with a recessed line tie to protect your knot and enhance weedless properties, the Cumberland Pro Lures Mag Shakey Head is built for magnum baits – and magnum bites.

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