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Cumberland Pro Lures

Pig Jig Flipping Jig

Pig Jig Flipping Jig

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Designed to excel whether you are skipping docks or probing the thickest of cover, the Cumberland Pro Lures Pig Jig Flipping Jig features a great all-purpose design that provides utility for a wide range of fishing situations. Built around a wideset 'cobra' shaped head, the Pig Jig Flipping Jig has a unique anti-roll ridge that provides a stopping point to keep the hook in an upright position for fewer hang-ups and better hook penetration.

Armed with a razor-sharp 4/0 flat-eye Mustad hook, the hook point is protected with a robust 5/32" medium fiber weed guard that can be fanned for increased snag resistance in heavy cover. Finished with powder-painted heads for improved chip resistance, the Cumberland Pro Lures Pig Jig Flipping Jig also has a molded bait keeper that prevents soft plastic trailers from slipping down the hook in thick vegetation.

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